Digital Development of Organic Agro-Tourism in North Moldova

Pro4CE have been awarded by the Slovak Challenge Fund to help promote agro-tourism and regional food producers in Moldova digitally.


We will implement a project focused on online marketing of the agro-tourism business. Using experience in supporting the development of tourism and rural areas in Slovakia, it will boost local organic food business in Northern Moldova by opening online market access to local producers. Through tailor-made digital tools and platforms like an online cookbook or an interactive map the regional producers will enhance (scale-up) their offers of gastronomic and rural adventure.

Pro4CE  will engage the North Regional Development Agency as a local partner to assist with the project implementation. The agency is a key regional player in coordinating and supporting regional and local communities for sustainable development in Northern Moldova. The project will support, train and guide selected participants through the whole process from content development up to digital presentation of their offers. Once the digital tools are developed and tested, it will be made available for other users and regions.
Pro4CE   will receive financial support from the Slovak Challenge Fund (SCF) as a successful applicant in the third call for proposals. SCF searches for solutions of Slovak companies to address the specific development goals. It is financed by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic (MFEA SR) and implemented by UNDP in Europe and Central Asia.


More information available at https://slovakchallengefund.or...