Pro4CE is always focused on practical and lasting solid results for its clients in both the public and private sector. No matter the project and the challenge. We aim for a close partnership to put our advice and recommendations into practice. For more than 27 years active in Cental Europe and based in Bratislava, Slovakia we dare to share our Central Europe expertise with you and find realistic and practical ways to strive for your goals.

We are more than able to search for the opportunities that will favour you. Why not contact us and find out if there is a click to let us work with you and show you the opportunities that Central Europe offers you. We are always pleased to answer your questions.

Consultancy private sector

Pro4CE advises and supports its clients in business development and setting up production in Central Europe. Our knowledge and expertise has proven to realise facilities and expand businesses for our clients. By streamlining all communication between client organization and its foreign mother company, no detail will be passed to be always accurate and up to date.

Consultancy public sector

Pro4CE operates in Central Europe on bi- and multi-lateral projects that are funded by international donors like the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Commission (EC), and UNDP. Our large and trustworthy network is put into action by these renowned international public sector companies. A huge compliment for us as they know their way to Pro4CE.

Consultancy real estate

Pro4CE realises that real estate investments require a professional knowledge on valuation and a clear vision on acquisition and sales strategies. Knowing the region with all pro’s, no’s and risks, our ambition is to provide an independent advice and successful investment prognose. We work on existing and new real estate projects. For sure we can assist in finding your optimal investments, add value, and when time comes to find the best exit strategy