Themed water park in Slovakia

Transforming an outdated thermal swimming pool complex into an attractive year-round recreational complex for various market segments.


The client, a public-private entity in Slovakia, acknowledged the fact that the existing thermal swimming pool complex with over 500.000 visitors yearly urgently needed considerable investments in order to become competitive again. The future of the recreational complex was endangered due to its heavy dependence on good weather conditions, and a rather narrow visitor profile. Because of the importance of the thermal swimming pool complex for the local economic development, the client also wanted to have a strategic vision on how to develop tourism and recreation in the respective municipality. The client hired our Pro4CE experts because of their expertise in strategic tourism and leisure advice, while having hands-on experiences with the upgrading/upscaling of tourism facilities into year-round attractions. The client also wished to onboard an independent advisor able to guide them through the various project stages over a longer time-span.

Pro4CE consulting and brokerage role

With active involvement of the local stakeholders our experts first developed a strategic vision for the municipality and consequently for the thermal swimming pool complex. The potentials of the region were identified for prospective tourism development, while a sustainable management structure was proposed for smooth project implementation. A new concept has been developed and designed for the pool complex, which would serve as the base for further stages of technical project documentation. The new concept defined concrete functional areas and attractions that would lead to growth and better seasonal spread of the visitors. This would be realised by means of year-round facilities, as well as attracting other target groups to optimise the balance of the visitor profile. Apart from the water based attractions, also dry attractions and other services were included into the concept to serve a broader range of visitors. The proposed investment budget was around 7 million euros. To better market its uniqueness, an overall theme for the complex was selected. After approval of the new concept, a feasibility study was elaborated, which confirmed the viability of the investment project. Largely on basis of the feasibility study an external financing institution provided a loan for the overall investment project. Subsequently, the Pro4CE experts were hired to prepare and control procurement documentation, assist in selecting suppliers, as well as for planning, monitoring, and controlling engineering documentation and works during the investment project.


The Pro4CE experts were successful in creating a fruitful partnership with the client and other stakeholders, involved in the investment project, right from the start. This enabled a smooth implementation in all the phases of the project. The result of the assignment was the realisation of an attractive year-round themed water park with an investment volume of about 7.5 million euros. Visitor numbers have been steadily growing over the years, and the facility managed to attract a broader market segment, especially families with children. Our long-lasting involvement in this project has proven our added value and client satisfaction overall.