Aquapark management in Czech Republic

Managing Aquapark attractions for a leading waterpark manufacturer in the Czech Republic.


A leading waterslide manufacturer expressed interest in supplying their products for a new aquapark investment project in the Czech Republic. Because of the structure of the tender documentation and difficulties in communication with the investor, the waterslide manufacturer approached Pro4CE to assist their team for realising their business.

Pro4CE consulting and brokerage role

Pro4CE actively approached the investor to participate in the tender and retrieved essential information on how to become involved in the project. One of the items that seemed crucial to gain a competitive edge was to outsource part of the works to a local company. Pro4CE identified a local company that met the quality standards of the global manufacturer, and composed a team of local workforce to assist the supervisors.

After being successful in the tender, Pro4CE assisted in the contracting and planning phase. During the installation works of the waterslide attractions, Pro4CE coordinated the planning and works between the global manufacturer, the local contracted companies, and the investor. On behalf of the global manufacturer, our experts participated in the regular site-meetings of the investor, up to the successful testing and hand-over of the waterslides.


We are proud to have realised superior waterslide attractions in the set time frame meeting the high quality standards of the global manufacturer, and to the satisfaction of the investor. From the very beginning of the project, our contribution has proven to be a decisive factor for the business interest of the global manufacturer in the Central European region.